For more information about Trillium Training, please contact:

Lise Henry

Trillium Implementation Services Manager
Direct: 877-772-4685 Ext. 2268

Pour plus de renseignement, prière de communiquer avec:

Lise Henry

Directrice des services d’implémentation 
Directe: 877-772-4685 poste 2268

Trillium Student Information Suite Training Centre

Open Enrolment Training Events

SRB is pleased to offer open enrollment training sessions delivered directly to you as an end user.  Sign-up is easy and you can choose from either a scheduled online session or create your own onsite session.  Onsite sessions can be for one or multiple boards hosted in the same location.  

SRB training is ready to help you to:

  • Train new staff easily 
  • Ensure consistent and best utilization training by Trillium experts
  • Save your time by learning to use Trillium more efficiently
  • Sign-up is easy!

The line up of courses are shown on the right and you can click on any topic to find out more.

For your convenience, SRB now accepts payment using:

  • P-card
  • Credit card
  • Purchase Order
  • Cheques

For information about pricing, you will need to Login at the top right-hand side of this page.  If you have not registered, please take a moment to do so before you proceed.  Remember to use your personal board email to gain access to the website.  It may take up to one business day for your registration to be approved.
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