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Student Management Products

Student Management

This system provides classroom, administrator and corporate functionality through a Windows©-based user interface.  Using state-of-the-art technology, the Student Management system is built to withstand the activity of the largest school districts in North America.

Student Demographics

The student management system maintains extensive information about each student in your district, including emergency contacts, transportation and sibling information.

Student System Overview

Using state-of-the-art technology, the Student Management system is built to withstand the activity of the largest school districts in North America.

Examination Timetabling

The system provides the user with the ability to create a full-function examination timetable for students, staff and rooms.  Conflicts are minimized as the number of simulataneous exams is maximized. 

Student Attendance

The attendance procedures are designed with users' ease in mind.  Attendance is entered

Achievement Reporting and Tracking

Achievement reporting and tracking is maintained easily within the student management system.  Teacher comment lists can be maintained at the school or district level making report card preparation easier.  Student course progress is recorded in alpha, numeric and anecdotal forms.

Co-operative/Practical Workplace Education

Co-op education is designed for high schools that use a work-for-credit program.  It can be setup at either the district or school level.

Special Education

The special education subsystem includes exceptionality codes, placements, programs, file numbers and next meetings.  Above this, school administrators have the capability to track the entire process from beginning to the end including attendees of meetings, determinations, recommendations of reviews, and the resources and staff allocated to assist the special needs students.

Classroom Management

Now teachers can maintain their own data, securely, including attendance and grade reporting.  This allows fast, real-time data to be available to administrators and district personnel.

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities

This ability to assign students to groups and to report on those groups permits the staff to easily develop and monitor all manner of non-credit programs that form an important part of the education environment.

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